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Web development and open source – should develop a way

What is Web development and open source? Can it help me improve my site and its function? Is it safe?
These are questions that customers always ask when you raise the issue of open source. In this article we explain the advantages of this method.

Benefits of Web development and open source are:

Reinvent Solution company specializes in designing and building dynamic websites with design management system open source, which enables customers to control and update site content easily and simply. The company provides its customers with freedom of choice max determining the storage site (rather than through) and determining the continued management of the site, if the customer wants to transfer it to another company, the system is open source and allows the customer to really own the code and applications created for.
Open access to this she flag Company believes in providing superior customer value freedom for the good and needs.

    • Ownership – Open Source allows the customer to really be the owner of the application code is generated for it – with open source websites do not have to pay expensive licenses or server requirements to run.
    • Flexibility – The owner of the code should not be billed to the company or a specific person, open source and therefore can be customized for each.
    • Audit capability -Closed source software force users rely on the software provider to the characteristics such as security.

Developers also benefit from the advantages of the open source method. No need specific software and expensive to develop online applications and open source, most of the time records book just doing the work that translates a smaller final cost for the customer .
Trust is a very important feature in the construction of open-source sites. When the encrypted source code is closed, there is no way that the end user can tell if the work was done well, there is no way for a security expert to examine and identify errors, bugs and weaknesses. That will not happen with open source. The user has the freedom to look at the code directly and with a little knowledge, can identify and neutralize bugs and errors.

Maybe you think now browsing a open source web site, can come in and make changes without the consent of website owners. Well, definitely not! Only people with access to the server where it is stored code can make changes.
Next time you need to create a website or online application, ask your programmer if they use programs and open source programming language to create everything you need, If they do not , you should be aware that it could be the beginning of a nightmare .